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BrightPensioen: How to start your personal and sustainable pension

Online | 12.00 uur

With this webinar from BrightPensioen, they want to convince you that pension is not complicated or boring. You CAN be aware of the various possibilities for setting up your pension. Within one hour they’ll tell you all about the Dutch pension system and what BrightPensioen has to offer.

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is the right fit for everyone who has to or wants to arrange their Dutch pension. You could be a company owner (self-employed or major stakeholder) but also an employee without a pension plan provided by your employer.

What will you learn during the webinar?

  • How way pension works in The Netherlands.
  • How to make use of the tax benefits? (Yes, you can receive tax benefits, spoiler alert…)
  • Who and what is BrightPensioen?
  • How to calculate your annual tax allowance.


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Overzicht van je pensioen in 10 minuten

Overzicht van je pensioen in 10 minuten

Pensioen, je weet wel… Die pot geld voor later. Of waarschijnlijk zijn het er meerdere. Want wie werkt er tegenwoordig nog voor altijd voor dezelfde baas. Misschien werk je überhaupt niet voor een baas.

Weten hoe jouw pensioen ervoor staat? In dit on demand webinar helpt BrightPensioen met jouw overzicht.